Technology Driven Innovation

We are Scigrow. We believe exceptional startup ideas need exceptional execution and our principle drive is to get more tech start-ups from ideation to execution. With a dynamic and experienced executive team we do this by trading our technical expertise for shared ownership in these start-ups, allowing us to engage on an ownership-level to deliver the highest possible value and best outcome.

Our Vision

Scigrow aims to build a portfolio of high growth software products. We do so by exchanging our technical expertise for shared ownership in early stage tech start-ups and driving the software development efforts to yield the highest possible value.

Our principal strategy is to provide our time and expertise in exchange for a minority stake in innovative, early stage tech start-ups with high growth potential. We assist in streamlining the IT budget and making key decisions on software development to deliver the highest value and drive revenue. 

We have a highly experienced and dynamic executive team with a small but exceptionally skilled team of software engineers to help get these start-ups from ideation to execution and ultimately to profitability as fast as possible.


At Scigrow software development is not merely our business, it is our craft and our passion. We have built a strong team of like minded software artisans to support software development and drive revenue growth.

Mobile App Data Removal

Any user can request data or account removal by sending an email to with the username and app name and if they would like to delete the account or just data, from where a support agent will assist in ensuring all data relevant to the user is removed within 72 hours  including but not limited to email , name , surname, address ect. no personal data is retained after deleted via this method or from one of our apps.